Why Faithful American?

I believe that America’s founding principles are entirely compatible and indeed mutually reliant on the fundamental values of the Judeo-Christian and Western philosophical traditions.   Today’s political arguments frustrate me in the extreme because they have become shouting matches devoid of the most basic understanding of the fundamental principles that should serve as the basis of our public policies.  The “progressive” movement has deliberately and systematically undermined the natural law tradition that had served as the basis of our law and culture.  “Progressives” have done so by taking virtual control of the educational and legal systems, the media establishment, and the major organs of popular culture and entertainment.  The rest of us were asleep at the wheel and allowed this to happen before we even realized it.  Now, we see the destructive consequences of the failure to teach the truths of natural law:  Human rights are compromised or erased by the demands of interest groups with claims of victim status.  Courts are being increasingly called upon to decide cases in favor of whichever litigant is believed to have the most underprivileged status, not by the fair application of principles that are binding upon all; lady justice has removed her blindfold.  Logic and reason have been replaced by emotion and the tyranny of being offended.   The body politic is being fragmented into identity groups, with the aim of forming coalitions of these groups that can form a majority to impose their will on society, by raw power, not by the validity of their argument.  When ranting to family and friends, I have been told many times that I should write a blog. Whether these suggestions were sincere or merely attempts to shut me up, I have taken the advice.  When no one quite is saying what I want to say, I will decide to say it myself.